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Boost your corporate sales

We help you grow your sales with specific decision makers within specific locations, industries. Boost your comercial area achieving better results.

B2B Chat

  Service components


We asses you over which LinkedIn Sales Navigator membership fits you better depending on your needs, type of company and traced goals.

  Team Synergy

We share the account management with your sales executives, generating more conexions and better strategic conversations.


We align your sales strategy with your value offer, achieving new oportunities through conversations with decision makers.


Weekly follow-up with your sales team evaluating contact attempts and new-business effectiveness.

  Sales Funnel Acceleration

+ Leads

+ Deals

+ Forecast

+ Revenue

  Do you need a CRM?

Assesment, Setup a/o Parametrization


  •    Total control of your wallet of leads and clients.
  •   Dashboards with information for better decision making.
  •   Better customer service with workflow automation processes.
  •   More eficiency in your comunication with your leads.
  •   Maximize your reach trough e-mail automation.
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“Media has changed and technology evolved, but business is still made between persons” - Enrique Puente