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  Web Positioning / SEO

We analyze, evaluate and adjust technically and strategically your sitio web so that it’s shown higher in Google and you can increase your web traffic

  Technical SEO

Improve the readability, tracking and comprehension of the website, making Google’s robot to associate it as a high quality page. With this, we improve the ranking, traffic increasing and conversion rate..

What do we improve?

  • Site speed
  • Mobile experience
  • Indexing
  • traceability
  • Site architecture
  • Structured data
  • security
Seo Técnico

Technical SEO Components

We analyze close to 200 factors lined up to the best of Google’s practices

Aspectos técnicos SEO

Seo en Sitio Web

  On-page SEO

It helps Google to comprehend your content better, associate it like high quality content thus positioning higher in the search engine.

What do we deliver?

  • Keyword Flow Report: We find the best key words for your website in the adequate context.
  • Content adjustment: Of the website, lined up to the keywords with flows of wished searches.

  SEO Off-site

Building the reputation and authority of a website. This factors help search engines to see that a website is an ideal search result because it comes from a reliable source..

What do we deliver?

  • Link construction
  • Social Signs creation
  • Monitoring and Report Search Engine Result Pages
SEO Offsite

  Cases of Success – Check out for yourself

Many people say they can position you in Google, but really, how many can prove it? Open Google right now and search for “digital agency”.

  Otros ejemplos..

Te mostramos algunos casos de éxito en posicionamiento web. Abre google y compruébalo tu mismo.

Inflables Beyou

Cliente: Inflables Beyou

Palabras clave: inflables, renta de inflables, inflables en renta

Impresiones orgánicas: +5,000 mensuales


Cliente: Capsa

Palabras clave: articulos promocionales, promocionales, gorras promocionales, tazas promocionales...

Impresiones orgánicas: +10,000 mensuales