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Cloud Services

Reliable and Secure Web Hosting

As DigitalOcean partners we are able to provide to our clients fast, reliable and secure web hosting services.

DigitalOcean is an american company with 12 data centers located in San Francisco, New York, Amsterdam, London, Bangalore, Frankfurt, Toronto and Singapore.


Why Digital Ocean?

  •   Simplicity
  • Price
  • High Performance

Assisted Services

We assit you in any moment through the hardware and software configuration process.

High-Performace Servers

DigitalOcean is known for providing very high-performance servers. Their network speed is 1Gbps; all hard disks are SSD and an incredible start-up time of only 55 secs. DigitalOcean nodes are placed at the top by independent performance tests, way far above Amazon machines.

CPanel Administración de Hosting CPanel Software

World's leading hosting management software

cPanel is an online Linux-based web hosting control panel that provides a graphical interface (GUI) and automation tools designed to simplify the process of hosting a web site to the website owner or the "end user".

CPanel Console

“If your business is not on the Internet, your business does not exist” - Bill Gates